Little Brother Waterpark 

A real conversation that transpired in my house this week:

Hubby: Everything in the 6 year old’s drawer is wet.

Me: I’m sure it was his little brother. (he’s unbelievably mischievous).

Hubby: Buddy, do you know why everything is wet?

3 year old: (avoids eye contact)

Hubby: I know that you know.

3 year old: (continues avoiding eye contact)

Hubby: Please tell me why everything is wet, bud. I promise I won’t be mad.

3 year old. (Looks up, grinning) It’s a waterpark!

Hubby: Where did you get the water? Where did it all come from?

3: It’s a special waterpark! ….. A special PEE waterpark!

Hubby: A what? Wait…Did you pee in your brother’s drawer?

3 year old: (gleefully) YES!

Come on, hubby. This isn’t your first rodeo – you should have known it was pee as soon as you noticed everything was wet.

Raising boys sure isn’t for the faint of heart…. Or people who can’t handle a mess…. Or those who can’t laugh a little bit about pee….

Hubby didn’t even get that mad. He just walked into the laundry room muttering, “Yeah, I did that once to my brother too….”

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6 thoughts on “Little Brother Waterpark 

  1. amherbert says:

    I have to say thankfully none of mine peed in each others drawers.
    There was a pee incident I’ve been reminded of. Think I’ll use it for next weeks #wineandboobs

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