Gimme my body back!!!

I love being a mom. Don’t get me wrong. My kids are hilariously awesome and awesomely hilarious and are the sweetest, most adorable and loving little things I’ve ever met. I adore them.

But let’s get real about the physical toll they’ve taken on me for a moment.

Pregnancy is no joke. Your body does all sorts of unbelievable things to care for and nurture the little life growing inside you – it’s amazing!!! But it leaves you in a not-so-pretty place.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the postpartum mom body when my first child was born. I put on the “going home” outfit I had packed in the hospital bag, took one look in the mirror and thought, ” Nope!” I ended up going home in the same outfit I arrived in – minus the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid & my pride. (I did better the next two times when I just planned to leave in something hideous and huge.) Cute new mom? Not here. Please just look at the baby!

Thankfully, breastfeeding burns an extra ten million calories per day (okay, okay… just several hundred, but I’ll take it!). I refer to it as nature’s liposuction. I figured with breastfeeding and a hardcore workout schedule, I couldn’t be stopped! I’d get that pre-baby body back for sure!!

I remember one conversation with my dad when we were over for dinner a few months after my son was born:

Dad: You’re really doing well with this weight loss. You look like you’ve lost 20 pounds!

Me: Well – I had gained 42!

Dad: …… and you look like you’ve lost 20.

Gee…. Thanks…. I think….

Anyway, I did it. Mom got her body back. And then some! I had a six pack (really! I walked around the house in sports bras to make sure my husband knew AT ALL TIMES how amazing and fit I was!). I would wake up at 4:30 am to workout before heading in to work. On weekends I’d wake up, run 10 miles, come home, shower, and jump back into bed with the rest of my lazy family that was still asleep.

But do you know what you get when you have a great body you always want to show off to your husband?? You get pregnant….. Again. After all that hard work!!! I didn’t know if I had the energy or willpower to start all over again!

I promised myself this time I’d gain less weight! This time I’d be one of those gorgeous 8-month pregnant women who still go jogging by the waterfront.


40 lbs seems to be my magic pregnancy weight gain number. And try as I might, the weight was harder to lose with baby #2. I injured both knees & still can’t run like I used to.  (I have a referral for physical therapy – but ain’t nobody got time for that!) And I was perpetually exhausted from raising two kids and working full time. Wake up at 4:30 to work out? Forget that noise!!

My low point came when I *almost* wore maternity pants to my second’s first birthday party.

Eventually I did it again. I dropped off those last pounds. Success!!! I looked great, felt great, was fit…..

….. And pregnant again….


I do love my body and appreciate that I have been able to carry and deliver three amazing babies! But at some point, I really would love to fit in my pants again –because, let’s be honest, with three kiddos now I don’t think I can even afford to replace my wardrobe!

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18 thoughts on “Gimme my body back!!!

  1. laurababykicks says:

    I learnt second time round too and left the hospital wearing a tent… then you lose your body to a baby sucking on you all the time so it’s not your own then either! thanjs for linking up with #effitfriday

    • Claire Louise says:

      This third time I remember yelling to my husband from the bathroom where I was getting dressed, “Now, remember, I’m going to have that 5-month-pregnant look for awhile!” 🙂

  2. moderndadpages says:

    Love the post! Very funny! I am still losing my last 20lbs of baby eight too! lol no seriously I am! I ate like a soldier for the first 3 years of Olivia lol Thank you so much for linking on #effitfriday

    • Claire Louise says:

      LOL! I wish my husband would have put on some weight too. He has one of those body types where he could eat pizza and beer and chocolate chip cookies for a year and not gain a pound. It’s sooooo unfair!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Love From Clueless Mum says:

    My first baby was born nine months ago. I’ve nearly lost the weight but am still a dress size, a shoe size and two ring sizes bigger than before I got pregnant. I salute you getting your body back once, let alone three times! #effitfriday

  4. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Haha, brilliant post! I love your writing style. First time I’ve stumbled upon your blog I think. After baby #4 in 5 years, I definitely need to tone up, but that’s the last thing on my mind… it could mean baby #5 ha ha! Visiting through #effitfriday

  5. The L's Mum says:

    I feel exactly the same. Since having my baby my body has just changed shape. Nothing fits right even though I am now, two years on, back to my previous size. It’s so frustrating how my shape has changed.

  6. Tracey @ Mummyshire says:

    Hehe that’s so true about the going home outfit. No one tells you you’re going to look like you’re still pregnant but just a little bit less pregnant!! I took a shirt with buttons (what was I thinking) & ended up wearing my husbands jumper!! Pregnancy and birth take away most things from your body and give them to the children we bear, I’m hoping that by the time they leave home I may be able to appreciate mw body as it is now, not lament over what it used to be!

    • Claire Louise says:

      Yes! I felt like a deflated beach ball after giving birth! Still huge but not with the “cute” expectant mommy look anymore. :/

  7. Laura's Lovely Blog says:

    I’m astonished by your up at 4.30am after baby 1! And yes I learnt to pack my hospital bag much more sensibly after baby 2. Good luck on your weight loss journey and thanks for linking #weighloseorstay

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