My Kids’ Summer Wish List

It’s finally summertime! One more week and school will be out. When I think of summer I always think of staying up late outside, splashing in the pool, running barefoot on the hot ground, drinking homemade sangria and the smells of sunscreen and cilantro.

There’s nothing quite like summer. 

I started thinking about all the things I want to accomplish this summer to make it absolutely amazing, but then I realized that I really want the summer to be amazing for my kids so that they’ll always look back on the summer days of their childhoods with the same nostalgia that I do. 

So, with the help of my Explorer (age 6) and my Little Warrior (age 3), I have put together our 2015 summer wish list:

  • My Explorer wants to make it to the top of the climbing wall. A new climbing wall course opened near our home and he’s been practicing. He’s focused, but he’s inherited my fear of heights. His goal is to make it all the way to the top by summer’s end. 
  • Little Warrior wants to learn to swim like his big brother. He’s all signed up for swimming lessons and cannot wait to be making splashes with his own cannonballs in the pool. I, too, cannot wait for him to be able to swim independently. 
  • I want to go on more picnics and watch more beach sunsets than ever before! 
  • We all want to have a bonfire. The wild ones also want to roast hotdogs and eat marshmallows. 
  • My Explorer wants to finally catch a fish. He spent last summer perfecting casting his line and says he’s now ready for the big time. 
  • Little Warrior wants to go on his first zip line. Weight-limit permitting, he’ll have a chance in August. 
  • We’re all looking forward to our annual retreat in the mountains – beyond the reaches of wi-fi or 4G!
  • I want our Fearless Leader to build a new swing set in the yard. 

Mostly I want us to laugh. I want us to run and play and laugh until we’re exhausted, winding down hot days with homemade popsicles on the patio. 

I want us all to look back on this summer and say it was the best!

What does your summer wish list look like?

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10 thoughts on “My Kids’ Summer Wish List

  1. Chloe says:

    This is such a great idea to have a summer bucket list!
    We’d definitely have picnics & bonfires on ours.
    We really need the sun to come out now and some nice weather! I can’t believe the summer holidays are almost upon us already. 🙂 What a great list!

  2. Lukeosaurus And Me says:

    Aww, your blog is a new one to me but I’m totally smitten. I love the concept and this summer list is just perfect. Summer also comes with this huge mood boost, I find. I suddenly feel uber motivated to walk, run, have picnics, swim and cram as much in as I possibly can before it’s all over for another year! Ray xx #mummymonday

  3. Katie says:

    mmm, toasted marshmallows! This list looks great, I hope you manage to complete it this summer. Thanks for linking up with the #summerdays linky xxx

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