My Prayer for my Daughter


My dear, sweet Princess Bean,

The early weeks of my pregnancy with you were filled with all the usual prayers for your health and safety as your grew inside me. But I remember distinctly my first earnest heart-plea for you….

“Love God, Baby Girl….”

Love God. A simple plea from a mother’s heart as I hold you now, sleeping snuggled against my breast. If only you grow up loving God, then all fears I have can disappear. All those fears about raising a daughter in this ugly, broken and fallen world can fade away because they won’t matter.

If you truly love God as your creator, then you’ll always recognize your worth. You will know you were miraculously and wondrously made for a purpose, with significance and value and immense worth. You’ll know you were created to be unique, with gifts and abilities and passions all your own, that were put in your heart by a God whose plans for you are bigger and more amazing than any dreams you could ever dare to dream on your own!

If you truly love God as your master, then you’ll always follow the right path. I won’t have to spend countless hours awake at night worried about the decisions you’re making or the company you’re keeping, because I’ll know your soul is anchored deep in your Father’s heart. You’ll be willing to sacrifice for what is right and have the courage to stand up for the oppressed and forgotten and unloved.

If you truly love God as your Heavenly Father, you’ll always be secure. Always feel loved. Never be incomplete.

So, love God, my precious little one. Because that’s what will carry you through this life. It’s not easy. There are disappointments and discouragements and diversions. There are moments you feel alone and forgotten. There are moments your heart breaks, and your tears flow, and your soul aches. But love God, sweet darling, and you’ll have all you need. Know how He made you. Know how He loves you. Know how He holds you fast though the world may spin senselessly around you. Love God and cling fast to Him as your sole, firm anchor because He alone will never fail you.

Love God, my Princess Bean….

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