To My Kindergarten Graduate

 I remember not so long ago, when you were a baby. When you were born, you changed my life in such a remarkable way, and you continue to change it every day. It seems like only days have passed since I would stay up with you all night in our rocking chair, soothing your colicky cries in the dark. But now you’re growing up. Every day I feel like I’m looking at a new person as you continue to grow and learn and discover. 

There’s so much that I hope we never forget as these years continue on, at a pace far too quick for comfort. 

I hope you remember:

  • That you’re loved. That our home and my love for you will always be a place of safety and security, where you’re loved and accepted just as you are and where you’re always celebrated for who you were created to be. You’ll always have my love to come home to as you travel on through life and adventure through the years. 
  • That you’re strong. That you accomplished so much this year. That despite frustrations and (many) struggles over homework and new challenges to overcome – you did it! Nobody else did it for you; you chose to apply yourself, to focus and succeed. You excelled in class and learned to read. You had your first taste of setting out into the world on your own. There were days you didn’t want to, but you did. And you grew so much and made me so proud. 
  • That you’re good. You know right from wrong. You have an amazing sense of justice. You know when others are treated fairly and when they aren’t. I hope you’ll never lose sight of what is right. I hope that you’ll always stand for justice for those who need it. I hope you’ll always champion the causes of others. I hope you’ll believe in good, even when days are dark, and I hope you’ll stand strong even when nobody else has the courage to. 
  • That you’re unique. There’s nobody else in this world just like you. You have unique abilities and purposes. Don’t spend any time trying to fit into anyone else’s mould, and don’t demand that others change for you. Celebrate who you are – your uniqueness, your individuality. I promise that you’re extraordinary. 

What I hope I remember:

  • That you’re big. And that’s okay. There will be times I need to let go and let you explore this life on your own. I need to remember you’re growing up and you’re capable. I need to trust you to be the amazing big boy you’re growing into. I need to know when to get out of your way and when to step back even though I want to pick you up and carry you. 
  • That you’re still little. In so many ways you’re growing and maturing every day, but in many ways you’re still my little boy, and will be forever. I can’t expect more from you than your age requires. Thankfully, for now you still need me and your dad to partner with you on this journey, to hold your hand, to guide you in the rough places and through the unknown. There will still be times like yesterday, when you ask to sleep in my bed all night after a disappointment. I hope to remember to treasure every one of these moments as they become fewer throughout the years. 
  • That you need me. That every moment matters. That you need my encouragement and enthusiasm and faith to help build the foundation of your confidence and character that will propel you through this life. I hope to invest in each moment we spend together. 
  • Who you are. I hope that as you continue to grow and change, I’ll remember you every step of the way. From the baby boy who wanted me to push him on the swings for hours on end, to the toddler who would only wear green shirts, to the schoolboy who brings home his artwork, beaming with pride. I hope all these moments stay treasured in my heart because I never want to forget a single one of them. 

Watching your kindergarten promotion, my eyes filled with tears. Happy tears, sad tears, proud tears. Tears of the infinitely many emotions that well up in a mother’s heart. I know that one chapter in our lives has come to an end, and a new one begins. I can’t see the road ahead or where the years will carry you, but I know you – so I know that whatever comes, you’ll be amazing!

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21 thoughts on “To My Kindergarten Graduate

  1. LittleOandme says:

    Oh my, this is such a wonderful post. My son is two and I love watching his little personality develop, he is growing into such a character!
    This post will be so lovely for son to read when he is older.
    Becky xx

  2. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful post. I’m regularly stopped breathless at how grown-up my 16-month-old already seems. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a complete wreck by the time it comes to her going to nursery or moving on to primary school!

    • Claire Louise says:

      It’s so amazing to watch them grow. I look back on baby pictures and I’m just in awe. Sometimes I look at them now and feel like I can see them as an adult & I just want time to slow down a bit!

  3. Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist) says:

    Wah! This has made me all teary! I wish our babies could stay little longer – I am dreading him starting school, I feel the time will go too quickly! My boy is 3, and today we walked to playgroup without his pushchair – so grown-up! Where does the time go?! #mummymonday
    Sabrina xx

  4. Trista, Domesticated Momster says:

    It’s such a catch 22 for us mommies. We can’t wait for them to enter each stage of their lives and let us be the bystander but it’s also hard to let go a little bit more every year. Thanks for sharing your little man’s story with #momsterslink.

    • Claire Louise says:

      Such a catch 22. I agree. I keep looking at my 9 week old, thinking how much easier it will be when she’s more independent, but knowing I’ll miss these snugly baby cuddle days when they’re gone!

  5. Mudpie Fridays says:

    Lovely heart felt post – its so bittersweet I love that my little monkey is growing up but at the same time I miss the little toddler that he once was..thank you for sharing 😀 #momsterslink

  6. martyn says:

    Aw such a lovely post. I was emotional with both of mine. It’s such a big step forward for them and us. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  7. Katy says:

    This is so lovely, time passes so quick doesn’t it? I love that you have included what you want to remember too. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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