Meet the Wild Ones

I’m so grateful to share this journey through life with my wild brood!

Our Fearless Leader:

 Better known in our home as “daddy,” our Fearless Leader is best known for being able to fix, build or put together anything we can dream up (or break). He’s our favorite piggy-back-ride-giver, peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker and water balloon fight opponent!

My Explorer:

I wasn’t a mama until this one came along. He’s adventurous, curious and loves to learn. He’s practical and has an amazingly strong sense of justice and absolutely loves science and discovery. Since the moment he was born, he’s kept me on his toes with his intelligence and his insight. He’s also a pretty amazing hockey player!

Little Warrior:


My wildest one! The world’s most loving brother, with a heart and a head overflowing with energy, excitement and emotion. We need to keep this one on the go-go-go! He truly dances to the beat of his own drum. There’s never a dull moment with our mighty Little Warrior around!

Princess Bean:

Our newest addition! Princess Bean is completely adored by her brothers and we’re so blessed to have this sweet little one in our family!


And then there’s me. I’m just along for the ride (and I also bring the snacks).

2 thoughts on “Meet the Wild Ones

  1. Emma Lawson says:

    Oh, my eyes filled with tears…I don’t know why. Similar life stories, I guess. Love this introduction.

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